[torquedev] TORQUE 2.3.1 Changelog

Joshua Butikofer josh at clusterresources.com
Mon Jul 7 13:38:37 MDT 2008


>From now on we would like to post the CHANGELOG in our e-mails that announce official releases of
TORQUE. We neglected to do this for TORQUE 2.3.1. Below is the CHANGELOG for 2.3.1. Also, you can
find a HTML representation of the changelogs at

  b - fixed a bug where torque would fail to start if there was no LF in nodes file
  b - fixed a bug where TORQUE would ignore the "pbs_asyrunjob" API extension
      string when starting jobs in asynchronous mode
  b - fixed memory leak in free_br for PBS_BATCH_MvJobFile case
  e - torque can now compile on Linux and OS X with NDEBUG defined
  f - when using qsub it is now possible to specify both -k and -o/-e
      (before -o/-e did not behave as expected if -k was also used)
  e - changed pbs_server to have "-l" option. Specifies a host/port that event
      messages will be sent to. Event messages are the same as what the
      scheduler currently receives.
  e - added --enable-autorun to allow qsub jobs to automatically try to run
      if there are any nodes available.
  e - added --enable-quickcommit to allow qsub to combine the ready to commit
      and commit phases into 1 network transmission.
  e - added --enable-nochildsignal to allow pbs_server to use inline checking
      for SIGCHLD instead of using the signal handler.
  e - change qsub so '-v var=' will look in environment for value. If value
      is not found set it to "".
  b - fixed mom_server code's HELLO initiation retry control to reduce occurrence of pbs_server
incorrectly marking node as unknown/down
  b - fix qdel of entire job arrays for non operator/managers
  b - fix so we continue to process exiting jobs for other servers
  e - added source_login_batch and source_login_interactive to mom config.  This
      allows us to bypass the sourcing of /etc/profile, etc. type files.
  b - fixed pbs_server segmentation fault when job_array submissions are
      rejected before ji_arraystruct was initialized
  e - add some casts to fix some compiler warnings with gcc-4.1 on i386 when
      -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 is set
  e - added --enable-maxnotdefault to allow not using resources_max as defaults.
  b - fixed file descriptor leak with Linux cpusets (VPAC)
  b - added new values to TJobAttr so we don't have mismatch with job.h values. Added
      some comments also.
  b - reset ji_momhandle so we cannot have more than one pjob for obit_reply to find.
  e - change qdel to accept 'ALL' as well as 'all'
  b - changed order of searching so we find most recent jobs first. Prevents
      finding old leftover job when pids rollover. Also some CACHEOBITFAILURES
  b - handle case where mom replies with an unknown job error to a stat request
      from the server
  b - allow qalter to modify HELD jobs if BLCR is not enabled
  b - change to update errpath/outpath attributes when -e -o are used with qsub
  e - added string output for errnos, etc.


Josh Butikofer
Cluster Resources, Inc.

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