[torquedev] qstat: Expired credential

Steve Traylen steve.traylen at cern.ch
Thu Jan 24 02:57:09 MST 2008


I'm running on  a test system torque-2.3.0-snap.200801091645.tar.gz  

  /configure --prefix=/usr --mandir=/usr/share/man --libdir=/usr/lib -- 
includedir=/usr/include \
   --with-server-home=/var/spool/pbs --with-pam=/lib --with-default- 
server=localhost --without-gui --without-tcl \
   --enable-syslog --enable-rpp --with-rcp=scp --enable-drmaa

so this is with the socket connections on the localhost.

  I see a strange problem that after a day of inactivity I see on the  
localhost of the pbs_server

# qstat: Expired credential
# pbsnodes: Expired credential

I've removed the error a couple of times now

1) by restarting pbs_server
2) by running pbsnodes on another host across the network and this  
fixed pbsnodes on the localhost.

both times the error returned after a day.

I'll do some more experiments to try and pin this down some more but  
in case someone has some ideas
up front.


Steve Traylen
steve.traylen at cern.ch

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