[torquedev] Quick test report of cpuset support

Chris Samuel csamuel at vpac.org
Thu Feb 14 16:16:32 MST 2008

Hi all,

Had a *very* quick (~5mins) play with cpusets at home
last night with the current trunk.

In point form:

1) pbs_mom correctly autoconfigured the torque cpuset
   with all 4 cores in it.

2) When I submitted a 2 CPU job it created a cpuset
   of 2 cores.

3) There were also two task sets (0 and 1) created,
   but neither apppeared to have a cpu allocated to
   them (/dev/cpuset/torque/1.quad/0/core was empty,
   for example).

I completely forgot to check whether the PBS job itself
was running in the cpuset! Will have to wait till the
weekend now. :-)

Still, looking promising so far, good work Garrick!

Christopher Samuel - (03) 9925 4751 - Systems Manager
 The Victorian Partnership for Advanced Computing
 P.O. Box 201, Carlton South, VIC 3053, Australia
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