[torquedev] OS-Specific #define's

Joshua Butikofer josh at clusterresources.com
Tue Feb 12 13:47:07 MST 2008


Sounds good--thanks for the feedback. I wasn't aware that such #define's were carefully removed from
OpenPBS. We'll keep them out of the code as best we can.


Garrick Staples wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 12, 2008 at 12:45:10PM -0700, Joshua Butikofer alleged:
>> Everyone,
>> A colleague and I have been making small changes to TORQUE 2.3--in a branch off of the trunk for a
>> specific customer. Some of these changes have been operating system specific, but the code has not
>> been in one of the resmom directories. Most of our changes have been in mom_main and start_exec.
>> Once these changes are fully tested, we will be merging them back into the main trunk.
>> I've noticed that TORQUE does define a macro named "PBS_MACH" that contains the name for the
>> operating system detected at configure time. This is useful information, but this macro can't be
>> easily used in an #ifdef to include/exclude code at compile time. (Unless there is a standard way to
>> do string comparisons with an #ifdef that I don't know about.) So here is my question to the
>> development community: would it be worthwhile to have configure add an OS-specific macro in
>> pbs_config.h, along with the PBS_MACH? (It would be something like __LINUX, __SOLARIS, __FREEBSD,
>> etc.) Or would it be better to simply refactor the code so it points to a new routine contained in
>> the resmom directories? If the latter is preferable, we still may need a way to determine between OS
>> versions--like between FreeBSD5 and FreeBSD6; code for both versions are contained in the "freebsd5"
>> resmom directory, but there may be code changes depending on which version is actually being used.
> First off, don't create a macro that starts with 2 underscores.  That
> violates POSIX because 2 leading underscores is reserved for the
> C implementation.
> The resmom/arch directories are for truely platform-specific stuff.  Stuff that
> is outside the realm of POSIX.  This mostly includes finding process
> information.
> OS-specific defines are evil.  They are impossible to reliably maintain over
> time.  After moving from openpbs, many of the patches that got into torque were
> often OS-specific with a litany of OS-specific defines.  A year later, many of
> the changes were invalid because the OS fixed a bug.  
> I've done my best to remove these.
> You never want to compile based on the OS name.  What you want to do is test
> for the feature, bug, or reason for the code in configure and then define for
> the feature.
> Test for the actual difference between the OSes and then compile the right
> thing.
> If it is a difference that could occur within the same OS (like enabling some
> feature), either test for the feature at run-time or provide a run-time
> configure option.
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