[torquedev] recent torque changes

Garrick Staples garrick at usc.edu
Sat Feb 2 02:36:27 MST 2008

On Sat, Feb 02, 2008 at 02:45:51AM -0500, Glen Beane alleged:
> I've just checked in some changes into trunk that increase the PBS_JOBBASE
> constant from 11 to 61.  This allows for 64 char .JB and .SC files on
> pbs_server/pbs_mom
> the previous 14 char limit was too small when you combine large job sequence
> nubmers and large job arrays - we just couldn't hash those 11 characters
> enough to make the neessary number of unique file names.
> This should help the job arrays scale much better.
> .JB files with the old size for their jobbase array are automatically
> upgraded when pbs_server starts
> we used a similar auto upgrader from 2.1.x to 2.2.0.  the only down side is
> if you upgrade to 2.3.x you wouldn't be able to recover your jobs if you
> downgrade back to 2.2.x (they will be renamed as .BD files I think)

If we changed:
  if (version == 0x00020200)
    return  upgrade_2_2_X(pj, fds);
    return upgrade_2_1_X(pj, fds);

To something like:
 switch (version) {
    0x00020100: upgrade_2_1_X(pj, fds);
    0x00020200: upgrade_2_2_X(pj, fds);

Then we could get upgrades from any point in the past to the current struct?

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