Torque bugzilla (was Re: [torquedev] pbs_server segfault in req_delete.c)

Chris Samuel csamuel at
Tue Dec 30 17:23:36 MST 2008

First off I'd say that we're not alone with this issue,
the Linux kernel folks have a bugzilla system which is,
shall we say, not always updated as it should be. ;-)

----- "Glen Beane" <glen.beane at> wrote:

> I think if TORQUE really wants community participation, then the
> torque bugs should be logged in a public place and not CRIs internal
> tracking system.  Log support requests and maybe even feature
> requests internally, but bugs should be available to the community.

So maybe what should happen there is that support requests that
come in to the Cluster Resources RT system as the result of a
Torque bug should cause the CR person who owns that RT request
to open a Bugzilla bug referencing the RT ticket but anonymising
details that the customer may not want disclosed.

But for everything else I suspect that we want people to open
their own bugs in bugzilla directly.

Perhaps this list should get all bugzilla emails too ?

> We should also actively promote this whenever someone sends
> a bug report to the user list.

I think that's a good plan, but we should also point out
existing tickets that should be contributed/subscribed too
if we are aware of them.

> If the developers at CRI and the community developers
> use it then we will avoid the problems that occurred
> last time. It is too easy for a bug report sent to the
> user list to get lost or overlooked.

Indeed, and the same for feature requests..

I think people also need to understand that the number
of developers is *really* small, pretty much just Josh,
Glen and Garrick from my understanding.  I do what I can
but I wouldn't trust me with commit access to the Torque
SVN.. ;-)

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