[torquedev] Re: 2.3.6 release?

Joshua Bernstein jbernstein at penguincomputing.com
Tue Dec 16 11:31:27 MST 2008

Is the 2.3.6 release based on the 2.4.0 snapshots?

If so I would like to see a fix go in for the pbs_mom segfault I 
mentioned here:


I can provide a patch and an explanation shortly.

-Joshua Bernstein
Software Engineer
Penguin Computing

Josh Butikofer wrote:
> Agreed. I will start the process so we can release soon. Does anyone on 
> the list have any objections to releasing 2.3.6? Is there anything that 
> needs put into TORQUE before this release?
> Josh Butikofer
> Cluster Resources, Inc.
> #############################
> Glen Beane wrote:
>> I think we should get 2.3.6 released, as it is right now pbs_sched can
>> not read its config file properly because of the hard tabs in strtok
>> delimiters that got replaced by space with astyle (these have been
>> fixed so they are \t in 2.3.6)
>> 2.3.6
>>   e - in Linux, a pbs_mom will now "kill" a job's task, even if that
>> task can no longer be
>>       found in the OS processor table. This prevents jobs from getting
>> "stuck" when the PID
>>       vanishes in some rare cases.
>>   e - forward-ported change from 2.1-fixes (r2581) (b - reissue job
>> obit even if no
>>       processes are found)
>>   b - change back to not sending status updates until we get cluster
>> addr message
>>       from server, also only try to send hello when the server stream 
>> is down.
>>   b - change pbs_server so log_file_max_size of zero behavior matches
>> documentation
>>   e - added periodic logging of version and loglevel to help in support
>>   e - added pbs_mom config option ignvmem to ignore vmem/pvmem limit 
>> enforcement
>>   b - change to correct strtoks that accidentally got changed in astyle
>>       formatting
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