[torquedev] 2.3.6 release?

Glen Beane glen.beane at gmail.com
Tue Dec 16 10:08:22 MST 2008

I think we should get 2.3.6 released, as it is right now pbs_sched can
not read its config file properly because of the hard tabs in strtok
delimiters that got replaced by space with astyle (these have been
fixed so they are \t in 2.3.6)

  e - in Linux, a pbs_mom will now "kill" a job's task, even if that
task can no longer be
      found in the OS processor table. This prevents jobs from getting
"stuck" when the PID
      vanishes in some rare cases.
  e - forward-ported change from 2.1-fixes (r2581) (b - reissue job
obit even if no
      processes are found)
  b - change back to not sending status updates until we get cluster
addr message
      from server, also only try to send hello when the server stream is down.
  b - change pbs_server so log_file_max_size of zero behavior matches
  e - added periodic logging of version and loglevel to help in support
  e - added pbs_mom config option ignvmem to ignore vmem/pvmem limit enforcement
  b - change to correct strtoks that accidentally got changed in astyle

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