[torquedev] Java, DRMAA and pbs_iff

Felix, Victor vfelix at som.umaryland.edu
Tue Aug 12 13:40:45 MDT 2008

Hi All,

I've done a little work to get a Java DRMAA library going for Torque
using JNI to wrap around the provided C libraries. However, when I try
to run a test job I get the following error:

pbs_iff: file not setuid root, likely misconfigured
pbs_iff: cannot connect to master:15001 - fatal error, errno=13
(Permission denied) cannot bind to reserved port in client_to_svr

I've checked the pbs_iff file on the machine where the code ran and it
is definitely setuid to root. Incidentally, if I execute
`/usr/sbin/pbs_iff -t master 15001`, it exits 0 with no errors or
warnings. If I run the DRMAA code as root I get a slightly different

org.ggf.drmaa.AuthorizationException: pbs-drm: Bad UID for job execution

Anyone have any idea what might be going on? Is there anyone interested
in working on getting a Java DRMAA binding for Torque going? I think
this would be great to have to expand the usage and flexibility of


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