[torquedev] Four patches for Torque 2.3.0

Chris Samuel csamuel at vpac.org
Sun Apr 20 07:22:02 MDT 2008

----- "Eygene Ryabinkin" <rea+maui at grid.kiae.ru> wrote:

> Good day.

Hi Eygene,

> I had produced four patches last week and it will be good if
> developers can evaluate them and possibly include to the upstream
> repository.

Great, thanks for those.  I'm not a developer (I just
play one on the mailing list) so I can't apply them
but I've passed them on to get added to our Torque 2.3.0
at VPAC which has been giving us some grief.

I know some changes have been made to SVN recently, but
unfortunately those 4 patches aren't in them as they apply
to the current trunk (r2091).

I've also copied in Steve Snelgrove at CR to draw
his attention to them.

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