[torquedev] array updates

Glen Beane glen.beane at gmail.com
Fri Sep 14 22:46:34 MDT 2007

as I've mentioned when a user submits a job array the array tasks are
cloned from the original job in batches.

I've just added code into trunk that will resume the cloning process
after a server restart, if the server is shut down cleanly with qterm.
 I'm going to do a little more testing and I'll try to clean up the
possible race codition that can happen if you pull the plug on the
server in a not so nice way (like kill -9)

tomorrow I definately will have a shared .SC (script file) for the
entire job array - no need of copying this thing for every job.

we really need to get rid of that lame 14 character file name limit.
Until we get rid of the separate .JB files for each job that is part
of an array, this file name limit is causing problems with large job
nubmers and large array sizes  (the file name hashing function can run
out of unique hashes!).

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