[torquedev] Job array feature request

Glen Beane glen.beane at gmail.com
Fri Nov 30 16:45:19 MST 2007

What do people think of padding the job array id so that the array id
suffix part of the job id and the job name are all the same lenght for
a give job.

say I submit a job array with 100 tasks, 0 through 99.  the suffixes
would be -00 through -99

if I submit a job with 1000 tasks, 0 though 999 the suffixes would be
-000 through -999, etc

Right now all the tasks in an array share the same .SC file but they
have individual .JB files.  this keeps the .JB files in the proper
order when you do a ls in the job directory AND it means the jobs will
be in the same order in the queue after a server researt.  Right now
if you restart the server and do a qstat the jobs will be in a
different order. This is a simple way of fixing that. Plus I think it
looks better.

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