[torquedev] shared file system(NFS exported) as a consumable resource

rishi pathak mailmaverick666 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 19 00:00:04 MST 2007

Dear all
           The scenario is that I have a NFS exported filesystem mounted on
all the compute nodes.
           I would like to have it as a consumable resource using advance
reservation, i.e a user requests
           a certain amount of space for his job and if available it is
reserved for his job for a given life time(=walltime specified).
           I tried setting in mom_priv/config -
size[fs=/shared_partition].The partition is of 500GB.When a user submits a
job requiring a space of 400GB , the job starts.But if some other user also
requests a space of 400GB (and the previos job is still running, but not yet
has used it's allocated disk space) the this job goes still.So there seems
to be no advance reservation of shared storage in this case.

Can somebody give me pointers on how to achieve this.

Rishi Pathak
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