[torquedev] Job array feature request

Chris Samuel csamuel at vpac.org
Fri Nov 16 12:28:52 MST 2007

Hi folks,

I'm on the plane from Reno to LA talking to some of the Matlab DCE 
developers (Jos & Edric who are copied in on this email) who 
integrate to various queuing systems such as PBS, LSF, etc.

They asked about job array support and said that they have a couple of 
features that they'd really like from job array support in Torque.

Not having played with job arrays yet I don't know if these are 
already working or in the works so I thought I'd ask first.. :-)

1)  Non-contiguous job arrays.

In a Matlab DCE job the job array index has meaning and so for systems 
that only support contiguous arrays they have to do a hack to map the 
job array index back to the Matlab DCE index.

The syntax that LSF uses for this and could be a good guide for Torque 
is to use dashes to separate contiguous sections and then commas for 
non contiguous parts.

E.g. 3,5-9,20-45,1024

2) Single task job arrays.

They would also really like to have the ability to submit a job array 
with a single user specified index so that they don't need to special 
case these.  One issue they have with PBSPro at the moment is that it 
requires a job array to have at least 2 elements.

Jos, Edric, please feel free to jump in and correct any mistakes 
above - the list is pretty low traffic so don't be afraid to 
participate either.. :-)

Christopher Samuel - (03) 9925 4751 - Systems Manager
 The Victorian Partnership for Advanced Computing
 P.O. Box 201, Carlton South, VIC 3053, Australia
VPAC is a not-for-profit Registered Research Agency
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