[torquedev] Re: [torqueusers] how to disable interactive job submission

Glen Beane glen.beane at gmail.com
Sun Mar 18 19:09:36 MDT 2007

On 3/13/07, Garrick Staples <garrick at clusterresources.com> wrote:

> I'm probably a little late in saying this, since you've already done the
> work, but you might as well go with the original idea.

the 2.2 and 2.1 branches now have a new queue_attribute
"disallowed_types".  Those of you interested in this feature should
look out for the next 2.1.9 snapshot

currently two "types" are recognized: "batch" and "interactive".this
is case sensitive (qmgr will let you know if you try to specify an
unsupported value)

qmgr -c "s q queue_name disallowed_types = batch" will disable batch
jobs in this queue

qmgr -c "s s queue_name disallowed_types = interactive"   will
dislable interactive jobs in this queue

since this queue attribute's internal type is an acl, this will result
in both batch and interactive jobs being disallowed:

qmgr -c "s q queue_name disallowed_types = batch"
qmgr -c "s q queue_name disallowed_types += interactive"

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