[torquedev] Torque with Propack 5 cpuset development

Adam Steenwyk ajamess at umich.edu
Wed Jul 25 13:23:54 MDT 2007

Hello everyone,

We have just recently aquired an Altix 4700 and are interested in working on
some means to enable SGI Propack 5 cpuset support.  As I understand it, the
latest stable Torque release only works correctly when used in conjunction
with the older Propack 3 cpusets.  Is there anyone currently working on
enabling Propack 5 support?  It will be likely near the end of August before
we can start working on anything seriously, and the ETA after beginning
would be in the 6 month range.

Torque devs, what do you think about this?

Lastly, a few things I noticed while looking through the code.  It seems to
me that the API for Propack 5 is vastly different for that of Propack 3.
This leads me to believe that to support Propack 5, we'd be looking at some
sort of #define PENABLE_DYNAMIC_CPUSETS_P5 situation whereby support for the
older and newer versions of Propack could be simultaneously maintained.  Is
this far off base?

Thanks and best regards,

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