[torquedev] feature request: server job id bounds

Jerry Smith jdsmit at sandia.gov
Tue Jan 30 07:45:17 MST 2007

Questions interspersed,

> At my site I have a multi server setup in which I need to make sure
> that the job ids assigned by the server never overlap.

Just to make sure I understand what you are doing, is you want to set job #
bounds to, (for simplicity sake ) serverA 1-100, serverB 101-200 and serverC

My guess is you don't want job # collisions for metric gathering or
something similar, please correct me if I am wrong. We have a metric utility
that would break if we tried to suck in a second job for a particular server
that has already used that job # set as a key in our database, and I too, am
currently looking for a fix/work around. ( same server jobid overlap )

Wouldn't you at some point just end up with reusing ID's on the same server?

>The next_job_number server attribute is useful for initially setting the job
number, but does not provide an upper bound to prevent overlap.  It also does
> not handle rollover.

The highest avail job # is defined in include/server_limits.h and handles
rollover ( starting at 0  again )

#define PBS_SEQNUMTOP 99999999  /* top number for job sequence number, reset
                                /* to zero when reached, see req_quejob.c

Thanks for any input as to why you are using this,


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