[torquedev] GSSAPI

Miles Davis miles at CS.Stanford.EDU
Tue Feb 27 12:28:20 MST 2007

On Fri, Feb 16, 2007 at 11:36:34PM +0100, Sergio Gelato wrote:
> I have several more items on my wishlist, but they could just as
> well be dealt with on the trunk; i.e., they are matters of detail.
> In the AFS support: the path to aklog (and indeed the name of the aklog
> program) ought to be configurable. And I wouldn't want to rely on aklog
> being able to change the PAG of its parent process: I believe OpenAFS 
> no longer supports that feature on the latest Linux kernels.

Yeah, I've just come to that realization. I need to hack something 
together today to work, and since I can't seem to get PAM (pam_krb5) 
to do this for me, I'll probably add the calls needed to create a new 
pag prior to executing prolog.

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