[torquedev] new job array request syntax in trunk

Glen Beane glen.beane at gmail.com
Sun Dec 30 20:52:17 MST 2007

Hello everyone,

I just checked the new job array request syntax into trunk.

With the new syntax you no longer just specify a size of the array,  you
actually specify the integer task IDs for the jobs in the array.

qsub -t 0-99 would be equivalent to qsub -t 100 in TORQUE 2.2

we now also allow non-contiguous IDs, e.g.:  qsub -t 1-5,10-15

and job arrays consisting of a single job, e.g.: qsub -t 200

Sorry to anyone already using job arrays,  but as advertized they are still
under development and this new syntax makes job arrays much more flexible.

These changes have just been checked into trunk and have only had minnimal
testing, so please test and send me feedback.  I just realized that I don't
check for overlaps or duplicate IDs when a comma delimited list is passed,
so that could definately cause some strange behavior.  I'll start working on
that fix right away!

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