[torquedev] change in torque distribution (automake)

Garrick Staples garrick at clusterresources.com
Wed Apr 11 15:47:09 MDT 2007

On Wed, Apr 11, 2007 at 10:25:15PM +0200, Standa Kunc alleged:
> Hello,
> I have question related to automake, autoconf configuration of torque.
> First quick introduction:
> I am trying to add support of virtual computers to torque. I mean
> pbs_mom does not have to be physical computer. On physical computer
> can be multiple OpenVz or Xen virtual machines. The goal is that we
> can have preconfigured virtual servers and they do not have to run.
> Pbs_server can wake them up if it is needed because of some job.
> To be honest, it will be not full of great features and I am not Linus
> Torvald, so do not expect miracles. Currently pbs_server is aware that
> client is virtual computer and there are modifications of protocols.
> Just basic configuration things.
> Now I want to work with OpenVz and I want to add folder and files
> specific to OpenVz under src/resmom/ directory.
> So I ask, is there someone, who can advice me how I should change
> automake and autoconf files?
> I can send patches and better description of my project.
> And by the way, is there anyone who works on similar thing? Or is
> there already anything done?

For a "normal" new arch, it should be pretty simple.
  1) Create the new directory in src/resmom/
  2) Add the new directory to DIST_SUBDIRS in src/resmom/Makefile.am
  3) Add the new Makefile to configure.ac's AC_OUTPUT
  4) Modify buildutils/pbs_mach_type to recognize the new arch
  5) Write new pbs_resources manpage in doc/man7/
  6) Add new manpage to doc/Makefile.am

The tricky thing here is the buildsystem builds pbs_mom for the arch
that you are building on, which is wrong if you are building for some

But it is unclear to me if you actually want a new arch.  You said that
you want pbs_mom to launch preconfigured VMs for new jobs, which implies
that pbs_mom is running on the genuine host OS.  That sounds like you
want to modify the existing pbs_mom to spawn jobs under VMs.

On the other hand, if you wanted to virtualize pbs_mom to run in a guest
OS, then just use the existing pbs_mom for the guest OS without

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