[torquedev] change in torque distribution (automake)

Standa Kunc standa.kunc at gmail.com
Wed Apr 11 14:25:15 MDT 2007


I have question related to automake, autoconf configuration of torque.

First quick introduction:
I am trying to add support of virtual computers to torque. I mean
pbs_mom does not have to be physical computer. On physical computer
can be multiple OpenVz or Xen virtual machines. The goal is that we
can have preconfigured virtual servers and they do not have to run.
Pbs_server can wake them up if it is needed because of some job.

To be honest, it will be not full of great features and I am not Linus
Torvald, so do not expect miracles. Currently pbs_server is aware that
client is virtual computer and there are modifications of protocols.
Just basic configuration things.

Now I want to work with OpenVz and I want to add folder and files
specific to OpenVz under src/resmom/ directory.

So I ask, is there someone, who can advice me how I should change
automake and autoconf files?

I can send patches and better description of my project.

And by the way, is there anyone who works on similar thing? Or is
there already anything done?

Best regards,
Stanislav Kunc

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