[torquedev] Re: [torqueusers] how to disable interactive job submission

Lennart Karlsson Lennart.Karlsson at nsc.liu.se
Tue Apr 3 08:00:02 MDT 2007

glen.beane at gmail.com said:
> On 3/29/07, Lennart Karlsson <Lennart.Karlsson at nsc.liu.se> wrote:
> > Great, thanks!
> >
> > glen.beane at gmail.com said:
> > > sure, I can add a rerunnable option to the disallowed_types queue
> > > attribute.  It shouldn't be too difficult.
> this will be available in 2.1.9,  if you want it now you can get
> 2.1-fixes from subversion:
> svn://www.clusterresources.com/torque/branches/2.1-fixes

I checked this out to see what was done, and saw the following
  f - new queue attribute disallowed_types, currently recognized types:
      interactive, batch, and rerunable

Sorry about bothering you again, but what I actually need is the
new disallowed type "nonrerunable", because I do not want
nonrerunable jobs to get into the preemptee queue, because
nonrerunable jobs cannot be preempted by Maui.

Perhaps both of them, rerunable and nonrerunable, should get there,
now when you are at it, please!

Best regards,
-- Lennart Karlsson <Lennart.Karlsson at nsc.liu.se>
   National Supercomputer Centre in Linkoping, Sweden

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