[torquedev] queue naming restrictions?

Ian Stakenvicius ian at syndicated-productions.com
Wed Sep 27 10:21:48 MDT 2006

Hi -- I've been using torque on gentoo linux for a while now, works great.

I'm sorting out a bug in the gentoo package installer, where directories are
removed when a package is upgraded.  The only way it seems gentoo can
prevent this is if  '.keep' files are added to various directories on
install.  This, however, causes an error when pbs_server starts, due to it
parsing the .keep file in server_priv/queues as a queue file.

I'm wondering if there are any current naming restrictions on queues (or
anything else); ie, is it normal for a queue to begin with the '.'
character?  And if this is unsupported already, would ppl be open to
patching pbsd_init so that it does not call que_recov() on files with '.' as
the first character?


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