[torquedev] max_queuable and completed jobs

Chris Wilk chris.wilk at gridwisetech.com
Wed Oct 11 08:33:05 MDT 2006

Hi Garrick,

> I've added a fix to queue attribute max_queuable so that completed jobs
> aren't counted.  This is done by a new counter on the queue
> (qu_numcompleted).  I've only checked it into trunk.  It seems to work
> fine for me, but can some others please test it before it goes into
> 2.1-fixes?
Great. It was a tiny feature we have been missing for a while. We set a 
workaround for it, but using this feature is a cleaner solution.

It works for me (yesterday's source code from svn trunk).
It works both for keep_completed set at server level and queue level.

Will this fix be applied also to Torque 2.1.3?

When is Torque 2.1.3 scheduled to be released?
When is Torque 2.2.0 scheduled to be released?

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