[torquedev] libdrmaa supported added to trunk

Chris Wilk chris.wilk at gridwisetech.com
Tue Nov 7 09:54:18 MST 2006

Hi Garrick,

> The PBS DRMAA implementation has been added to trunk.  I grabbed the
> 0.1.1 release and added a few build fix patches.
 > [cut]
> Please give it a spin with './configure --enable-drmaa' and help us get
> it into shape!
Good news. It will be easier to test and use.

However, I am trying to find this feature in latest Torque snapshot 
chris $ ./configure --help |grep drmaa
chris $ grep -i drmaa | configure.ac

Does it mean that C DRMAA is not available in Torque snapshots?

Is it available only in trunk?


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