[torquedev] flexibility/quantifiability of resource properties

Brian J. Murrell brian at clusterfs.com
Mon May 15 13:26:05 MDT 2006

I am embarking a project to look at cluster job schedulers and/or
resource managers.  I think our resource management needs are a little
beyond the realm of normal however and wondering how well torque fits.
We need to specify node properties in quite some detail and quantities.

For example, a job request would need to be able to specify it needs a3
nodes with x number of disks per node, with each disk being at least y
in size.  It could also need to request a specific kind of interconnect
on a per node basis for example.

I have seen node properties in the torque manual but they look more like
boolean properties with no ability to quantify them.  Is this still the
case?  How difficult would it be to modify torque to deal with
quantifiable resources?

Is there a resource manager out there that would better suit our needs?


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