[torquedev] qmgr manpages conflicts with postfix

garrick at speculation.org garrick at speculation.org
Mon May 8 21:15:02 MDT 2006

I just found out that postfix also has qmgr.8 manpage.  This conflicts
with the TORQUE-supplied qmgr.8 manpage.

OpenPBS and TORQUE-2.0.0 installs manpages in the 8B section.  Automake
doesn't consider that to be a valid section and 2.1.0 installs them into
section 8.  The 'man' command on modern Linuxes won't even display pages
in 8B so the change in 2.1.0 is _mandatory_.

Thoughts on how to resolve this?

Rename it to torque-qmgr.8?  tqmgr.8?  pbs-qmgr.8?  qmgr.1?

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