[torquedev] new release policies

Garrick Staples garrick at clusterresources.com
Mon Jul 31 15:11:04 MDT 2006

I think many would agree that TORQUE has outgrown its current release
method of periodic snapshots and calling them "stable."  We need to
support multiple stable branches.

As of today, TORQUE's subversion trunk has been copied to
/torque/branches/2.1-fixes and will be a stable branch for all future 2.1.x
releases.  2.1.2 is ready to go and is scheduled to be released tomorrow
morning at 10am.

will be moved up a directory when the release is "official".  If
possible, please grab that tarball and do some tests.

As we find bugs in 2.1.2, the fixes will be applied to 2.1-fixes and we
can do 2.1.3, 2.1.4, etc. releases.

Meanwhile, trunk has been bumped to 2.2.0 and will be promptly broken
with new features :)

>From now on, trunk will represent the unreleased development branch.
Obviously we will always strive to keep trunk in good working order, but it
will not be gauranteed.

When we decide that trunk has enough new features and is stable, we will
copy it to branches/x.y-fixes and release x.y.0.  Then trunk gets bumped
to x.y+1.0.  When bugs are found in release branches, we will update all
branches and do releases for x.y, x.y-1, x.y-2, etc.

All releases within the same major number will be binary and wire
compatible with previous releases.  This means all 2.x releases will
interoperate with each other.  There might be configuration and
installation changes, for example, when torque.cfg paramters moved to
server attributes, but 2.1 MOM will still talk to 2.2 server, etc.

When we hit a protocol change or on-disk binary file change, we will
bump the major number.

Does that make sense?  Any suggestions on this plan?

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