[torquedev] new pbs_mom and pbs_server log rolling feature

Glen Beane glen.beane+torque at gmail.com
Wed Jul 26 17:31:51 MDT 2006

support for optional automatic log rolling has been added to the
torque svn trunk

this is controlled by two server attributes set in qmgr:
log_file_max_size and log_file_roll_depth,  and two pbs_mom config
file parameters $log_file_max_size and $log_file_roll_depth

if log_file_max_size is set to a value > 0, then pbs_server or pbs_mom
periodically check the size of the log file (this is currently done
every 5 minutes, but this value may become user configurable). They
will "roll" the log from X to X.1  if the log file size is >= to the
value of log_file_max_size.  The value of log_file_max_size is
interpreted as kilobytes.

If log_file_roll_depth is set to a value > 0 then pbs_server or
pbs_mom will roll their log files up to that number.

Please test and post feedback to this list



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