[torquedev] patch to add gssapi/krb5 support to Torque

Alex Rolfe arolfe at MIT.EDU
Fri Jul 7 13:57:51 MDT 2006

I've added a first pass of gssapi/krb5 support to torque.  This lets
users run jobs that access AFS and also use gssapi-authenticated scp.
The patch forwards a user's credentials along with the job to the server
and then to the mom.  It does not authenticate the server to the mom or

The patch against 2.1.0p0 is at
a patch against 2.1.1 at
if that's helpful.

What do I need to do to get this patch into the sourcetree?  I've been
running it for over a month and it seems to work, but I'm sure I haven't
exercised the gssapi parts fully against all of torque's functionality.
There are also some rough edges that could use further work to make the
credentials renewal more robust.

Suggestions or comments are certainly welcome since this is my first
work with the torque source.


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