[torquedev] Re: [torqueusers] Canonical list of best practice build flags ?

Garrick Staples garrick at usc.edu
Tue Jan 10 18:48:34 MST 2006

On Wed, Jan 11, 2006 at 11:46:24AM +1100, Chris Samuel alleged:
> On Tuesday 10 January 2006 18:23, Bas van der Vlies wrote:
> > I always add this option: --enable-docs (for proper manpages)
> Interestingly that looks like a Torque bug - configure says:
>   --enable-docs           build PBS with documentation. This is off by
>                           default since it takes a while to build. Man pages
>                           will still be installed, however.

I've always wondered what other docs it was talking about.  The manpages
are all of the docs included in TORQUE.  I guess once upon a time
something was done with the ERS.

> But (as far as I'm aware) that doesn't happen unless you cd into the docs 
> directory and do a make install there (which does only install the manpages).

Currently, --enable/disable-docs (default is disabled) controls whether
manpages are installed.

Garrick Staples, Linux/HPCC Administrator
University of Southern California
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