[torquedev] keep completed jobs

David B Jackson jacksond at clusterresources.com
Sat Jan 7 00:36:41 MST 2006


  Did you fix the 'KEEPCOMPLETED' code?  It was in before from another
developer but would SEGV on occasion (once per 1000 jobs/once per day?) 
We never got back to isolating the failure and backed it out.

  I will roll another snaphsot now and we will start testing in house.


> Dave, can you roll a snapshot please?
> I've just checked in the "keep completed jobs" support.  This keeps jobs
> around for a bit after they've exited in state "C".  Set
> TORQUEKEEPCOMPLETED in $PBSHOME/pbs_environment, restart pbs_server, and
> watch the magic!
> 'qdel' for a completed job is not allowed, but an admin can 'qdel -p'
> it.
> Currently this is hardwired at 300 seconds, but if everything seems to
> work,
> I'll throw in a server attribute.
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