[torquedev] memory limit enforcement by pbs_mom - REQUEST FOR FEEDBACK

Troy Baer troy at osc.edu
Thu Feb 2 10:25:05 MST 2006

On Tue, 2006-01-31 at 13:53 -0700, Dave Jackson wrote:
>   TORQUE may have inherited this from the OSC patches back in the early
> days.  

That would make sense, based on the behavior described.

> Did OSC see any issues with 'mem' enforcement on serial jobs?

Yes, but it was much more acute with parallel jobs.  IIRC, vmem is
enforced on a per-node basis, whereas mem is enforced as an aggregate
across the entire job.  That was exacerberated by PBS and Maui/Moab not
agreeing on what mem meant; the schedulers were assuming mem was a per-
node quantity.

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