[Moabusers] Reservation blocking jobs that request a specific feature?

Troy Baer troy at osc.edu
Wed Sep 19 09:37:56 MDT 2007

Hello all,

I need to set a reservation on several of our systems to block jobs that
request a certain feature from running while the reservation is in
effect, because the services supporting that feature will be down.
However, I've tried doing (what looked to me like) the right thing to
do, and I'm not sure if it's really going to do what I need.

What I've done:
# "foo" is the feature to block
$ mrsvctl -c -n foo-downtime -h ALL -f -foo -s starttime
NOTE:  reservation foo-downtime.1050 created

$ mrsvctl -q foo-downtime.1050
Diagnosing Reservations
RsvID                      Type Par   StartTime     EndTime     Duration Node Task Proc
-----                      ---- ---   ---------     -------     -------- ---- ---- ----
foo-downtime.1050          User ALL   *********    INFINITY     INFINITY  257  257  580
    ACL:   RSV==foo-downtime.1050= 
    CL:    RSV==foo-downtime.1050 
    Accounting Creds:  User:troy
    Task Resources: PROCS: [ALL]
    Attributes (HostExp='ALL')

I don't see anything about the "foo" attribute in this...  Should I be
worried about that?

If this is not the way to accomplish this, what is the right way?

Troy Baer                       troy at osc.edu
Science & Technology Support    http://www.osc.edu/supercomputing/
Ohio Supercomputer Center       614-292-9701

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