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Jared Bristow jbristow at adaptivecomputing.com
Mon Oct 8 12:41:40 MDT 2012

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We recently moved the network on one of our servers which broke the mail
configuration for employees on all the mailing lists.  I believe emails
were still going out to all list members except for anyone with an
adaptivecomputing.com or clusterresources.com email address.  This also
included list administrators not being notified about posts that needed to
be moderated.

As of this morning, the issue has been fixed.  I also went through and
approved any messages that were still awaiting moderator approval.  I also
updated the "list run by" address on each of the list info pages, and the
contact info on the main list overview page:

Sorry for any inconvenience.  If you have any more trouble in the future,
please contact me at mailinglists at adaptivecomputing.com

Jared Bristow  |  IT Manager : Adaptive
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