[Mauiusers] priority job failing to get reservation

Joseph Farran jfarran at uci.edu
Wed May 16 13:20:27 MDT 2012

On 04/20/2012 02:27 PM, Naveed Near-Ansari wrote:
> I know this isn't technically torque, but i haven't seen any activity on
> the maui list and I though there might be some overlap in users here.

For what ever it is worth, I spent several weeks (more than I care to admit ) trying to make Maui work.

Long story short, Maui is broken in a very clever way in my opinion so that it first appears to work until you start loading your cluster with work and then, things just don't work the same as they once were.

If you take the same Maui configuration file and try Moab (the paid version), Moab works flawlessly.    You can switch back and forth from Maui to Moab using the same identical configuration file (with minor changes) and you will find that Moab works all the time while Maui does not.

I wished I would have known about this before investing so much time and effort in Maui.    To me, Maui is front to get you to use Torque/Maui and then when you need things to work, you are hooked and need to move to Moab by force or drop Torque and move to something else.


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