[Mauiusers] policy not working as expected?

Brandon Sawyers brandor5 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 5 11:48:52 MST 2012

Hello everyone:

We are bringing up a new system and are running into an issue with maui.

We want jobs to behave like this. A user requests a number of nodes
regardless of ppn and gets that number of nodes (nodes=6:ppn=1).  At the
same time, we want only one job to be running on a node at one time. So
that user would get 6 nodes and no other jobs would be able to run on that
node while those are running.

We expected the following two config changes to make this happen.


While only one job will run on a node like we want, but (using the example
above) all 6 cores of that node are getting used, instead of using 1 core
on 6 different nodes.

Interestingly, the following nodes=1:ppn=1 gives me 1 core from 1 node.
nodes=1:ppn=(2-6) gives me 6 cores.

What are we missing?

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