[Mauiusers] procseconds utilized in maui stats wrong?

Stefan Friedel stefan.friedel at iwr.uni-heidelberg.de
Thu Jan 26 00:46:29 MST 2012

Good morning,
could somebody explain why the "ProcSeconds utilized" field in the maui
stats files (e.g. /var/spool/maui/stats/Mon_Jun_23_2008) are obviously
multiplied by the number of tasks? E.g.:
5830  0 128 <user> <group> 14400 Completed [helics2:1] 1214131474 1214228182 1214228182 1214238255    [NONE] [NONE] [NONE] >=    0M >=      0M  [helics2] 1214131474 128    4 [NONE]:DEFAULT [RESTARTABLE]    [NONE]          [NONE] [NONE]  25 159218962.33   DEFAULT      1      0M      0M   2000M         0 2140000000 opt103:opt102:opt101:opt100:opt099:opt098:opt097:opt096:opt095:opt094:opt093:opt092:opt091:opt090:opt089:opt088:opt087:opt086:opt085:opt084:opt083:opt081:opt080:opt079:opt061:opt060:opt059:opt058:opt057:opt056:opt055:opt054 base [NONE] [NONE] [DEFAULT] [NONE] [NONE]

The job asked for 14400s=4h and 128 tasks (it runs on 32x4-core
nodes=128 mpi processes), actually it runs for
stop-start=1214238255s-1214228182s=10073s => the max. "ProcSeconds
utilized" should be less or equal to 128*10073s=1289344s.

But the value is 159218962.33s which is little bit less than
128^2*10073s...: 159218962.33s/128^2~=9800s.
(I checked many jobs in many stat files from the last ~4 years: all of
them had the same task^2 factor...) any hint/idea?

Thanks and regards
Stefan Friedel
Zentrale Dienste - Interdisziplinäres Zentrum für Wissenschaftliches
Rechnen der Universität Heidelberg - IWR - INF 368, 69120 Heidelberg
stefan.friedel at iwr.uni-heidelberg.de   +49 6221 54-8240      -5224
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