[Mauiusers] [Patch] GPUs by the way of GRES

Jonathan Michalon jonathan.michalon at etu.unistra.fr
Fri Feb 3 01:58:10 MST 2012

Hi Maui folks,

GPUs in Maui are a long standing problem. Last year a patch was sent by Mariusz
Mamoński [1], which works based on GRES parameters.
I've just made GPUs kind of working, by enhancing that patch. Please find
attached the resulting patch, which works well for Maui 3.3.1.
It defines a special GRES named "gpu" which works as expected on my test cases.

Note that GRES behaviour seems quite confused as sometimes they are mentioned
as consumable. This patch annihilates this behaviour, for the needs of GPUs.

To use the patch:
get the sources of maui-3.3.1 and patch them:
patch -p1 < ../Patch-for-gpu-GRES.patch
then compile as usual.

You have to configure the GPUs in maui.cfg:
NODECFG[nodename] GRES=gpu:2

Then when queuing jobs you can request GPUs with (Torque syntax):
qsub -W x=GRES:gpu at 1

I hope this helps, please test this and enhance to your needs!



PS. This is the second attempt to send the mail…

Jonathan Michalon
IT student in Strasbourg
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