[Mauiusers] TORQUE/MAUI Fairshare.

Daniel Lopes de Carvalho daniel at dep.fem.unicamp.br
Tue Aug 14 09:07:53 MDT 2012


I'm new to TORQUE/MAUI and I'm looking for a help to setup a fairshare policy. Someone could help me, please?

The scenario is the following: One cluster with 15 work nodes (576 procs), 5 queues with their priorities and properties. All the queues has all the work nodes.

queue	priority	property

prior	44		preemptor

tecno	43		preemptor

fast	42		preemptor

normal	41		preemptor

long	40		preemptee

tecno	43		preemptor

The queues priorities are working as desired.

The issue is: If UserA sent 576 jobs and the cluster is free, all 576 jobs will run immediately. If a UserB also send 576 jobs, the last 288 jobs from UserA will be suspended and the first 288 jobs from UserB will be start immediately. The other last 288 from UserB will hold until a resource is free.

Summarizing: I would like to make a kind of balancing execution between users, regardless of the queue and the users group.

Thanks and best regards


Daniel Lopes de Carvalho
daniel at dep.fem.unicamp.br
19 3521-1221

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