[Mauiusers] Maui, FairShare, and scheduling GPUs

Jason Williams jasonw at Jhu.edu
Fri Sep 30 11:39:28 MDT 2011

I didn't get anyone else replying to this, so I'm curious if anyone else 
figured out a different way to make this work.

Either way, I've been looking around the code today and playing with it, 
and I think I have the easy part done.  I have maui seeing the "gpus=" 
attribute of the nodes and tracking it within the configured resources 
and available resources (I think) within the MPBSNodeLoad() and 
MPBSNodeUpdate() functions.  I can create a new branch in the svn called 
"3.3.2_gpu" if anyone is interested in taking a look and/or helping to 
implement the tracking code to update the available resources when 
someone requests gpus to torque.  It seems to me the trickier part will 
be how do we want to track that usage within FairShare....  I haven't 
started to think about that yet, but suggestions are welcome.

Jason Williams
Sr. Systems Administrator
Homewood HPC Cluster
Johns Hopkins University

On 9/27/2011 8:08 PM, suraj prabhakaran wrote:
> Hello Jason and Denis,
> I too am starting to look into this and am at the beginner's stage trying to understand how things work. I would be interested in working together on this. If no one else replies to the main thread in 1-2 days, we can discuss things and share knowledge. Please let me know if you are interested.
> Best regards,
> Suraj Prabhakaran
> On 09/27/11, Jason Williams<jasonw at Jhu.edu>  wrote:
>> I'm curious if anyone has taken a look at getting Torque 2.5.x and Maui
>> working together to schedule GPUS and track the usage via FairShare.  I
>> am pondering what would be needed to actually make that happen within
>> the Maui source, but if someone else has already started working on
>> this, it would be interesting to get their take on the situation.  I've
>> noticed, via some googling and reading on the list here, that it seems
>> difficult to do without some mods to the source.  If you've thought
>> about it or have started on it, please email me back.
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>> Jason Williams
>> Sr. Systems Administrator
>> Homewood HPC Cluster
>> Johns Hopkins University
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>> Suraj Prabhakaran
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