[Mauiusers] Can´t get busy nodes

Denis denismpa at gmail.com
Tue Sep 27 21:26:58 MDT 2011

Hello, Fernando!

*it goes in English because my Portuguese would probably not help. ;)

2011/9/28 Fernando Caba <fcaba at uns.edu.ar>:
> Hi Gus, my node file /var/spool/torque /server_priv/nodes looks like:
> [root at fe server_priv]# more nodes
> n10 np=12
> n11 np=12
> n12 np=12
> n13 np=12
> [root at fe server_priv]#
> it is exact as your comment.
> My script:
> #!/bin/bash
> mpirun -np 8 /usr/local/vasp/vasp

You are missing to inform pbs that you are using 8 cores.
you have to add before anything runs in your script a line:
#PBS -lnodes=8

Torque cannot trace the number of mpi processes. A user could request
4 cpus and start n mpi processes for example.

So, requesting it in your script as
#PBS -lnodes=8
then running mpirun -np 8 will do the job.


Denis Anjos,

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