[Mauiusers] Can´t get busy nodes

Gus Correa gus at ldeo.columbia.edu
Tue Sep 27 18:16:06 MDT 2011

PS - After you edit ${TORQUE}/server_priv/nodes, restart the pbs_server
for the changes to take effect.

Also, where I said "as opposed to jobs sharing cores in a single node",
it should have been "as opposed to jobs sharing a node"

Gus Correa

Gus Correa wrote:
> Hi Fernando
> Did you try something like this in your
> ${TORQUE}/server_priv/nodes file?
> frontend np=12 [skip this line if the frontend is not to do job work]
> node1 np=12
> node2 np=12
> node3 np=12
> node4 np=12
> This is probably the first thing to do.
> It is not Maui, just plain Torque [actually pbs_server configuration].
> The lines above assume your nodes are called node1, ...
> and the head node is called frontend,
> in some name-resolvable manner [most likely
> in your /etc/hosts file, most likely pointing to the nodes'
> IP addresses in your cluster's private subnet, 192.168.X.X,
> 10.X.X.X or equivalent].
> The 'np=12' clause will allow at most 12 *processes* per node.
> [However, if VASP is *threaded*, say via OpenMP, then it won't
> prevent that several threads are launched from each process.
> To handle threaded you can use some tricks, such as requesting
> more cores than processes.
> Sorry, I am not familiar to VASP to be able to say more than this.]
> I would suggest that you take a look at the Torque Admin Manual
> for more details:
> http://www.adaptivecomputing.com/resources/docs/torque/
> There are further controls in Maui, such as
> for instance, if you want full nodes allocated to each job,
> as opposed to jobs sharing cores in a single node.
> However, these choices may come later.
> [You can change maui.cfg and restart the maui scheduler to
> test various changes.]
> For Maui details see the Maui Admin Guide:
> http://www.adaptivecomputing.com/resources/docs/maui/index.php
> I hope this helps,
> Gus Correa
> Fernando Caba wrote:
>> Hi every body, i am using torque 3.0.1 and maui 3.3.1 in a configuration 
>> composed by a front end and 4 nodes (2 processors, 6 cores each) 
>> totalizing 48 cores.
>> I need to configure that in each node don´t run no more than 12 process 
>> (particular we are using vasp), so we wan´t no more than 12 vasp process 
>> by node.
>> How can i configure this? I´m so confusing reading a lot of information 
>> from torque and maui configuration.
>> Thank´s in advance.
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