[Mauiusers] Can´t get busy nodes

Fernando Caba fcaba at uns.edu.ar
Tue Sep 27 16:23:46 MDT 2011

Hi every body, i am using torque 3.0.1 and maui 3.3.1 in a configuration 
composed by a front end and 4 nodes (2 processors, 6 cores each) 
totalizing 48 cores.
I need to configure that in each node don´t run no more than 12 process 
(particular we are using vasp), so we wan´t no more than 12 vasp process 
by node.
How can i configure this? I´m so confusing reading a lot of information 
from torque and maui configuration.

Thank´s in advance.

Ing. Fernando Caba
Director General de Telecomunicaciones
Universidad Nacional del Sur
Tel/Fax: (54)-291-4595166
Tel: (54)-291-4595101 int. 2050
Avda. Alem 1253, (B8000CPB) Bahía Blanca - Argentina

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