[Mauiusers] Creating Reservation with setres

Jayavant Patil jayavant.patil82 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 21 01:52:41 MDT 2011


   I am using TORQUE 3.0.0. and Maui 3.3. I have 3 nodes cluster with node
names as n0,n2 ans n3. I want to create a user type reservation using setres
on n0 and n3 only. I tried this with setres but it fails as shown below:

setres -u root -d 01:00:00 'n[0,3]'
reservation created

reservation 'root.0' created on 3 nodes (24 tasks)

My question is why is it creating the reservation on n2 too? or How do I
write a regular expression to create a reservation on non-contiguous nodes
only?(as like n0 and n3 in this example)


Thanks & Regards,
Jayavant N. Patil
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