[Mauiusers] Help setting up a fairshare policy

Maui User mauiuser2011 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 7 09:46:15 MDT 2011

Hi.  I would like to set up a queuing policy, and would appreciate advice on
how close I can get to it with maui fairshare.  Pointers to the
configuration options I should use would be very helpful, too.  Here is the
policy I would ideally like to implement:

1) There are currently several groups of users who have dedicated nodes.  On
these dedicated nodes, idle jobs from the users in the relevant groups
should be prioritized to move the cluster towards an equal number of nodes
per current user.  For instance, suppose there are only 10 dedicated nodes
available, and user1 has jobs on all of them, and 100 jobs idle in the
queue.  If user2 in the same group submits 20 jobs, the next five job
assignments for those nodes should go to user 2, so that the load is
balanced evenly between users.

2) There is also a set of "free" nodes.  A user's jobs are first submitted
to the dedicated nodes for their group, then to any available free nodes.  I
would like job assignments to the free nodes to be prioritized so that the
number of nodes assigned to each active group moves toward a certain ratio
(say even distribution between groups for now, for simplicity), and the
number of nodes assigned to each user within a group moves towards an equal

Note that I'm happy for the queue to "overcommit" based on the current set
of active users.  That is, if there's only one user, they can take all the
nodes at the moment.  But as more active users show up, I would users with
more nodes than they should have according to the above principles  to be
deprioritized in subsequent job assignments.

Is this too complicated?

A Maui User.
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