[Mauiusers] Allocate job on node only if it requested by job node properties

Alexandr Baskakov avb at ssau.ru
Fri Oct 28 06:53:35 MDT 2011


Can anybody help me, please.
I need configure TORQUE 3.0.2/Maui 3.3 to allocate particular job on node, only if node has been requested by job node properties.

For example, we have 3 nodes:
n1 np=8
n2 np=8
n3 np=8 bigmem

If I submit job with "-l nodes=2:ppn=8", it must run on n1 and n2.
If nodes n1,n2 already executing a some jobs, then if I submit job with "-l nodes=2:ppn=8", it must been queued, and wait n1,n2.
If I submit job with "-l nodes=1:ppn=8:bigmem+1:ppn=8", it must be run on n3,n1 or n3,n2.

Other words, regular jobs, if node properties "bigmem" has not requested, should't be run on node n3.

In Maui, there is a standing reservation parameters, that can be used SRCFG.

SRCFG[bigmem]      CLASSLIST=batch
SRCFG[bigmem]      HOSTLIST=n3

But there is no ACL properties in SRCFG to allow use node n3 only if "bigmem" node's properties requested by qsub.

Alexandr Baskakov, Samara State Aerospace University
e-mail:	avb at ssau.ru

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