[Mauiusers] Regarding MAXJOB, MAXIJOB and MAXPROC

sorrillo at jlab.org sorrillo at jlab.org
Sun Mar 27 21:15:09 MDT 2011

Someone asked this question regarding Maui:

1- Is there any relation between MAXJOB and MAXIJOB? According to manual:
MAXJOB: Limits the number of jobs a credential may have active (starting or
running) at any given time

MAXIJOB: Idle (or queued) job limits control which jobs are eligible for

Now what does "USERCFG[default] MAXJOB=10 MAXIJOB=3" mean?
a. each user can *run* 10 jobs and *enqueue* 3 jobs. So the total jobs of
user is 13.
b. each user can *run* 7 jobs and  *enqueue* 3 jobs. So the total jobs of
user is 10.

2- If I have defined "USERCFG[default] MAXJOB=2 MAXIJOB=1 MAXPROC=4", and
a user

submit requesting these resources:
job1: -l nodes=7
job2: -l nodes=1:ppn=1
job3: -l nodes=4:ppn=2
job4: -l nodes=10

what is the result?

3- If I have 10 chassis each has 16 processors, I can set MAXNODE=1 to ensure
that a user can no longer request more that 16 processors (in another word it
will implicitly define MAXPROC=16). Is that right?

Also I am assuming that I can aggregate (like so) for an account called


to explicitly and simultaneously throttle both the maximum number of cores
and the jobs the account can run? We have dual quad core nodes.


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