[Mauiusers] Maui and Generic Resources

Mike Mosley jmmosley at uncc.edu
Wed Mar 23 10:09:50 MDT 2011


I¹ve seen several posts regarding what seems to be an inability to get Maui
to work with Generic Resources (GRES).  Does anybody have this working and
if so what are the steps you used to configure it?

My environment:
Torque 2.5.5
Maui 3.3.1

I have a number of compute nodes which have 3 GPUs each.

I created the following entries in maui.cfg
NODECFG[compute1]               GRES=ngpus:3
NODECFG[compute2]               GRES=ngpus:3
etc. etc.

I then tried submitting a job along the lines of:
qsub  -l nodes=1  -W x=²GRES:ngpus at 3²  my_script

The job gets scheduled and executed on a compute node and the ngpus
specification is ignored.  By that, I mean that I can take the resource
definition out for compute2 and the job may still get
scheduled there even though I¹ve asked for a node with that resourse in my
qsub command.

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