[Mauiusers] Incorrect showbf output

Vicker, Darby (JSC-EG311) darby.vicker-1 at nasa.gov
Wed Mar 9 16:08:37 MST 2011

Sorry - I didn't really give enough info in the last email.   NODEACCESSPOLICY would only affect nodes that are partially used.  In this case we currently have several nodes that are completely used (job-exclusive) and several idle nodes.

[dvicker at service0 dvicker]% showbf -u lmarek
backfill window (user: 'lmarek' group: 'eg3' partition: ALL) Wed Mar  9 16:50:32

no procs available

[dvicker at service0 dvicker]% showbf -u dvicker
backfill window (user: 'dvicker' group: 'eg3' partition: ALL) Wed Mar  9 16:51:03

384 procs available with no timelimit

[dvicker at service0 dvicker]% pbsnodes -a | grep "state = free" | wc -l
[dvicker at service0 dvicker]% 

The showbf output for lmarek is inaccurate.  If that user starts another job with less than 384 procs, it starts immediately.  And the showbf output is accurate for dvicker - we have ppn=12 nodes in this system and 8 of them are reserved for the debug standing reservation so there are indeed 32*12 = 384 procs available.  

But you are onto something here.  There are only two users with jobs in the queue right now.  The showbf command is currently showing no procs available for those two users but 384 available for anyone else.  Is it possible that the soft limit of 2 jobs per person (USERCFG[DEFAULT] MAXJOB=2,20 MAXPROC=512,1344) is causing showbf to report no procs available?  

I just did a test and that does indeed appear to be the problem.  If a user has none or one job in the queue, showq reports the accurate number of free procs.  Once the soft limit of 2 jobs is meet or exceeded for a given user, showbf reports no proc available for that user.  But new jobs do start for that user if free resources are available.  This seems like a bug in showbf to me.  

On Mar 9, 2011, at 4:35 PM, Hung-Sheng Tsao (Lao Tsao 老曹) Ph. D. wrote:

> this setting show that only single user can use the nodes
> On 3/9/2011 5:17 PM, Vicker, Darby (JSC-EG311) wrote:
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